Announcing the new iQOS

iQOS Alberta Launch

Cheap Smokes & Cigars Canada is proud to announce we have been selected for the iQOS launch in Alberta.

What is the iQOS?

  • An adult alternative tobacco product
  • A way of heating, not combusting tobacco
  • A complete device including battery, charger, and heating system
  • A way to consume tobacco without generating odour or smoke
  • It looks and feels like a cigarette, but isn’t a cigarette

What the iQOS isn’t?

  • It isn’t a stop smoking aid
  • It isn’t a vape product
  • Intended for new smokers
  • A lower cost alternative to cigarettes

Which stores are launching it?

How do I get it, see a product demonstration, or find out more information?
Stock is coming in over the next few weeks to our stores. To participate in an iQOS presentation, feel free to go by your closest Cheap Smokes & Cigars on the above list!